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A Model Train Show

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HO scale Locomotive

Most of us have probably played with model trains as a kid. If Not you missed out. They are a great hobby! I just arrived in Wheaton Il, for their monthly train show. Luckily I have no problems getting there from Vermont!

HO scale LocomotiveSo if have never been to a model train show, let me tell you it is out of this world. Its like entering a fantasy land, some of the model train layouts were stunning. They had entire setups devoted to old west, with toy horses, whole towns, old horse and coachs almost all detail that you could think of.

I saw another one that was a mock up of a European town in the swiss alps. This had mountains so real you would think you could climb them. There was tunnels thru the mountains, fields with toy cows grazing and complete towns that the train would go through.

There was a lively swap meet going on where people would buy and sell trains, a lot of bartering would also take place.You could find any size train that there was, Z Scale, N Scale, HO Scale and O Scale. There were trains for beginners and more advanced train sets as well.

If you were a kid, it would have been a blast. There was a complete Lego train set layout. Must have been N Scale Layoutthousands of pieces of Legos.

If you just wanted some advice on how to get started in model trains or had some more advanced questions on the latest digital control modules, you could get that too.

Many of the people there have been model train enthusiasts their whole lives and had a lot of useful information for the newbie.

I would never have thought of model trains as an investment but you would be surprised on what some of the old HO trains were worth. I am talking tens of thousands of dollars based on rarity and condition. SO as if you needed another reason to start setting up your model train, now you have it.

On to my next adventure….

– Kevin Johnson