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Consumer Electronics Show

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I really need to post more often, I just keep getting lazier by the day traveling all the time. I am now in San Diego, California for a big consumer electronics show. It features all the latest advances in electronics. Some examples are home stereo equipment, car stereo equipment, and all types of headphones.

Well the advances in sound quality are pretty amazing, I mean the size of some of these all in one home music systems are incredible. The Bose systems in particular defy imagination. I mean the Bose Wave system is only about 6 inches by 12 inches and it sounds like a full size system, with large separate speakers!

The deep richness of the bass in particular is amazing. You keep looking around for a sub-woofer but its no where to be found! Somehow the the acoustics amplify the bass so that it sounds like there is a sub woofer.

The highs are not quite as good but they are still adequate.

They also had some portable music systems that had a docking station for iPhones and iPods, so now when i head to the beach, i can take it with me. Its also nice when i am sitting outside at the pool i have all the songs in my iPhone, plus a remote control! pretty awesome.

What was also impressive was the noise cancelling headphones. I remember when they first came out years ago. They were not really all that effective. And they were not cheap! Also a bit bulky if I remember right…

Anyway the new ones, like Solitude, JVC and Bose were light years ahead in technology and sound quality. I dont fly that often but when i do i like to try and sleep, but thats all but impossible with all the engine noise but the new noise cancelling headphones are very impressive. I mean i can sleep to silence or some relaxing jazz music.

Since i stay in hotels a lot, they are particularly helpful there as its always noisy! I mean the kids, people partying etc.

Not too sound like an old man but i like to sleep! and these new headphones make that possible.

So learned a lot about all the new electronics, i provided some links so if you want to read the reviews, you can decide for yourself before you buy them.

On to my next adventure.