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The 5 Best Paddle Boarding Spots In Florida

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SUP Florida

Florida is understood that if you want to enjoy its crystal clear coastlines, then there are numerous places to go. Along with charming streams and also lakes. It has the lengthiest shoreline amongst all various other states in The U.S.A., which extends as lengthy as 1197 miles in length and also touches both Atlantic Sea and also Gulf of Mexico.

But to enjoy all of this coast line your going to need one of the best available inflatable kayaks along with a good SUP paddle. These are our 5 preferred paddle boarding locations in Florida

Key West

paddle boarding key west
The infamous waters of Key West are host of a fantastic organic play ground for paddle boarders. It is well-known for its red mangroves islands, along which you could use your paddle board, while seeing the thrilling nautical wild animals, such as crabs, exotic fish as well as lobsters.

Coastal Dune Lakes
Several of the one-of-a-kind seaside dune lakes are located in Florida, in the northwest area, along the emerald coastline. Anticipate the experience of a relaxing day paddle boarding in this unique cut of nature, while noting wild animals in their all-natural environment.

You will certainly obtain a new sense of gratitude for the sporting activity while paddle boarding with a sight of fantastic undersea animals such as turtles, sharks, alligators and also a lot more.

Along with several various other watersports, paddle boarding has actually come to be renowned in the Sunshine State.

South Walton / Miami Coastline

florida paddleboardingIt is an excellent place for paddle boarders to appreciate some boarding with a metropolitan feel. You could experience stand paddle boarding with striking sights of Miami’s towers as well as high-rises. Many paddle boarding business offer guides for those motivating to attempt paddle boarding for the very first time or refine their abilities.

South Walton is a paddle boarder’s desired area. These one-of-a-kind lakes, developed from a blend of deep sea and also fresh water, are residence to many wild animals.

The specialized of Miami Coastline is the “Neon Tours”. You could appreciate the encounter of evening paddle boarding with one-of-a-kind paddleboards, which are furnished with LED lights of various shades, making it an encounter you will certainly never fail to remember.

After you have grown tired your paddle boarding encounter, you could enjoy the angling, swimming, horseback using, cycling, or treking provided in this extraordinary area. Make certain to allot time to endeavor to explore the surrounding towns, reachable via the bike tracks, to delight in a tasty dish in the charming cafés, while appreciating the one-of-a-kind design. Do not quit with just exploring one of the towns, every one has its very own style as well as flare!

It is an ideal area if you are brand-new to paddle boarding, also the skilled boarder. You have actually the included benefit of renting out paddleboards that are supplied, free from numerous paddleboard firms.

The charming woodland is full of magnolias, pines, live oaks, palmetto hands, scrub oaks, as well as various other splendid plants. Invest a number of days in this location, as there many experiences to take part in as well as different places to see.

St. Augustine

St Augustine offers paddle boarding consumers with SUP’s, training, and also led excursions around the location. These guides make it a suitable place for novices desiring to jump right into the sporting activity of paddle boarding.

Anticipate the experience a peaceful day paddle boarding in this unique cut of nature, while noting wild animals in their organic environment. These specialized training business make it an excellent area for novices desiring to damage right into the sporting activity of paddle boarding.

It is a fantastic place for paddle boarders to take pleasure in some boarding with a city encounter. Various paddle boarding businesses give guides for those motivating to attempt paddle boarding for the first time or develop their abilities.

No matter where you go, Florida is bound to thrill you with its fantastic paddleboarding!


Best Spots for Fishing In Montana

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Montana is one of the better places for fly angling streams, springtime creeks as well as lakes in the world. The impressive variety of wild trout waters guarantees that there is location to match the expectations of even the most avid angler.

The substantial selection of waters as well as numerous miles of  streams as well as rivers within a brief drive assists to spread out the fishermen out and also makes sure that there is constantly a “hot stream” to see.

The essential point to realize is that having an inflatable kayak will certainly of a fantastic advantage due to the fact that a lot of the very best angling areas can only be fished from a kayak, as well as are not easy to get to.

Ennis Lake

Ennis LakeThe bulk of the angling on Ennis Lake is rainbows and also browns. Periodically we divided a day with the early morning invested casting to increasing trout on Ennis Lake as well as the mid-day invested fly angling the Madison Stream. This lake almost requires the use of a kayak fish finder. The lake is very deep and the fish can be difficult to find.

Firehole Lake

The discharge from the local streams flow straight right into the lake and also you will certainly have to evade mud and also mosquito’s as you stroll along the streams. The Firehole would certainly be a rewarding location even without wetting a line, yet luckily for anglers the stream flaunts a respected populace of both crappies and also trout.

Hebgen lake

Hebgen lake is a huge area of the Madison Stream that lies within 15 mins from the community of West Yellowstone. The fly angling for prize trout on Hebgen is fabulous and also attracts a completely dedicated y fly angler from far and wide wishing to capture a legendary day going after crappies as well as rainbow trout.

Bechler Stream

Situated in the much South-Western section of Yellowstone Park, the Bechler Stream is possibly the least well recognized significant stream in the park. While this area of Yellowstone is recognized to backpackers as well as hikers for its wealth of falls as well as hot springs, it is much off the radar of the typical site visitor as well as many anglers.

Gardner Stream

Upper Gardiner River

The Gardner stream is a relatively tiny stream situated in the far northwestern edge of Yellowstone National forest. It is a paradigmatic water fishery, with several fast moving areas as well as couple of deep, slow-moving swimming pools. The Gardner has superb angling early and also late in day, with regular nymph hatches and also excellent dry fly angling throughout the summer season.

Lamar Stream

The stream runs for over 40 miles in all, it is this 7 mile stretch that has actually made the Lamar renowned in fly angling circles. Rainbow Trout have actually appeared over the years, the stream continues to be a fortress for the indigenous Yellowstone Cutthroats.

Sometimes a day divided with an early morning invested casting to catching trout on Ennis Lake as well as the mid-day invested fly angling the Madison Stream. Found in the South-Western section of Yellowstone Park, the Bechler Stream is most likely the least well well-known significant stream in the park.

All in all the lakes and streams of Montana offer some of the best fishing in the country. You will do well ginving them a try.


Top five Hiking Spots in Florida

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Best Florida Hiking

Florida is known across the United States for its beautiful beaches in places like Miami and Destin. Others appreciate the many miles of marshlands in the luscious Florida Everglades, but few people consider Florida as a place to enjoy hiking. The best thing about hiking Florida is that the trails are usually pretty easy, suitable for both Men and Women. Just be sure to use the correct pair of hiking shoes.

Florida is home to thousands of acres that that host beautiful terrain for trail walking and hiking. Florida’s hiking adventures stretch form the Fort Walton Beach area in the pan-handle, all the way to the Orlando area and beyond. The wonderful thing about Florida is that you get to experience both the beach and the wilderness in the same day.


  1. Blackwater River State Forest

This voyage has some of the best views along the entire Florida hiking trail. The pinnacle view lies along Juniper Creek near the red clay buffs. The forest has over 600 acres of preserved communities of nature. If you love vegetation, this park is certainly the place for you. There are various species of unique plant life including multiple carnivorous plants and countless rare foliage. A trip to Black River State Forest is more than just a day of climbing.

This exhilarating Florida Park boasts a beautiful hiking trail following alongside the pure sand-bottom, Black Water River. Due to the impeccable water, the park is a frequent destination for swimmers, paddlers, kayakers, fishermen, and those pursuing other water sports. They have excellent camping sites so that your family can make a weekend adventure out of all the activities available at this incredible state park.

Blackwater River State Forest


  1. Santa Rosa Island Beach Hike

This is a “short and sweet” trail at just .81 miles. It is a perfect training trail for someone new to trail hiking or running. It would also be good for family, with young children, to do together. The trail follows along the scenic Gulf Islands National Seashore. Your trek will lead you through various ocean sites and finally to the boardwalk overlooking Florida’s famous white sand beaches and emerald green waters. A good day backpack is a good to have here.

Santa Rosa Island Beach Hike

  1. White Springs Area Trails

White Springs is an 8.5-mile challenging trail for advanced technical level hikers. This one or two-day hike follows along the Suwannee River. Those who want to stretch it into a two-day adventure typically set up camp on the gorgeous white sand beaches of the river. To extend your journey further, consider a day trip through the nearby water rapids. Make sure you are equipped with the proper skill level prior to attempting this trek. It is not safe for beginners.


White Springs Area Trails


  1. Torreya State Park

If you like a challenge, you can choose between one of Torreya State Park’s two difficult trails: the Torreya Challenge Loop (7-miles) or the Rock Creek Loop (6-miles). These trails are collectively known as “one of the most rugged trails in Florida”. Whichever loop you take, you will see a large variety of exotic vegetation and be able to look down 200 feet below at the Apalachicola River. This trail is perfect for experienced hikers.

  1. Oscala North

Oscala North is a section of a three part series in the 360,000-acre Ocala National Forest. Oscala North is a 35-mile section filled with plenteous wildlife including, tortoises, black bears, deer gophers, and scrub jays. The enchanting trail also encompasses rich vegetation including a sand scrub habitat. If you plan to hike to the full 35-miles, you can camp out in one of the many places along the trail. If you prefer to shorten your trip, there are small outlets to lead you off trail and back to your desired location.



Top Five Skiing Spots in Vermont

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Top Spots in Vermont for Skiing

I decided to take a visit to Vermont and do some skiing. The breathtaking scenery that fills the state will undoubtedly amaze you, including the notorious Green Mountains. The luscious forests in Vermont dominate the state by covering 75% of the entire land acreage. Vermont boasts a yearly temperature average of just 43 degrees, including mild summers and vicious winters. As autumn peaks, the prodigious gold vegetation combined with enchanting red and orange leaves give signal that winter is fast approaching.

Vermont thrives on tourism with its tall mountains, wide valleys, breathtaking lakes, and rolling hills. In addition to being a known for decadent skiing spots, tourist come to indulge in other cold weather sports, such as ice fishing and snowboarding.

Though typically a humid state, it has been known to occasionally reach temperatures that are even too cold and dry for precipitation to occur.

Before you take the plunge and head to Vermont, make sure you have all the proper ski gear. I found this guide to ski gloves and ski/boarder helmets.

There are numerous impressive skiing spots within Vermont; however, these are the best spots for maximizing your trip.


  1. Killington Resort

Top Spots in Vermont for SkiingThis versatile resort is centrally located in the Green Mountains. The 20 ski lifts and 146 ski trails span across six different mountains. It gets the nickname “Beast of the East” due to the extraordinary 4,241-foot peak.

Do not let the word ‘beast’ scare you away! Though Killington is a desired spot for many expert level skiers, it also is home to a large amount of beginner level trails. In addition to their diverse ski trails, they also offer snowboarding, dog sledding, sleigh rides, and snow tubing for those who are interested in something a little different.

There is no shortage of snow at Killington with the high average of yearly snowfall and the 600-acre snowmaking machine.

  1. Okemo

If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure, visit Okemo and try out the 2,200 feet vertical drop, known as the largest drop in southern Vermont. In addition to the adventurous attraction, Okemo is a family friendly resort. Its 122 trails are divided evenly among skill level with approximately one third for beginners, intermediate, and advanced/expert skiers. Okemo makes 96% of their snow to compliment the average 200 inches of snowfall per year. This family operated resort values providing a family friendly atmosphere to its many tourists.

  1. Jay Peak Resort

Jay PeakJust south of Canada, Jay Peak resort is located in the Green Mountains. This resort is the place to be for incredible terrain with long groomed trails and vivacious tree glades. The glade skiing is typically for more advanced skiers, however, this resort offers glade skiing on even some of their beginner slopes. Additionally, beginners are welcomed into “The Zone”, an 80-acre introductory practice area with small glades. If you’re an advanced skier, you are in for a special treat. This resort is known for allowing experts to venture out to ski or ride in the undeveloped areas for some unforgettable backwoods skiing—‘a la natural’. It is essential that ‘out of bounds’ skiing be done with extreme caution and appropriate gear, as it is an exceedingly dangerous adventure. This year-round resort offers an ice arena, indoor water park, and golf courses, along with many restaurants and lodging nearby. The city is known for heavy snowfall, though the resort adds to nature’s best with snow making machines that cover the property.

  1. Stratton Mountain Resort

On southern Vermont’s highest peak, you will find the Stratton Mountain Resort. Similar to Okemo’s notorious vertical drop, Stratton Mountain proudly boasts about their 2,003 feet drop attracting many advanced skiers. Over six hundred acres of breath-taking land houses 97 trails, accessible by 11 lifts. The robust property comprises one hundred acres of scenic glades to challenge your skills. One of the best qualities of this resort is their “Great Snow Guarantee”. Since 95% of their property is covered with snow making machines, they guarantee that you will have awesome snowy slopes. If you are unsatisfied within the first hour of your arrival, they will credit your group for another full day of snowy fun.


  1. Smuggler’s Notch

This year-round 1,000 acre resort is home of the chilling triple black diamond, “Black Hole”. In addition to this super challenge, the resort has a variety of slopes for all levels. It is known as one of the nation’s best family vacation destinations. The village includes lounges, restaurants, crafts, a spa, childcare, adult and family entertainment, ‘teenager hot spots’, an indoor family “FunZone”, a grocery store, shopping, a Nordic center, repair and rental shops and an indoor swimming pool! Don’t forget to stop by the “Welcome Reception” after checking in to your one to three bedroom condominium.


Consumer Electronics Show

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consumer electronics

I really need to post more often, I just keep getting lazier by the day traveling all the time. I am now in San Diego, California for a big consumer electronics show. It features all the latest advances in electronics. Some examples are home stereo equipment, car stereo equipment, and all types of headphones.

Well the advances in sound quality are pretty amazing, I mean the size of some of these all in one home music systems are incredible. The Bose systems in particular defy imagination. I mean the Bose Wave system is only about 6 inches by 12 inches and it sounds like a full size system, with large separate speakers!

The deep richness of the bass in particular is amazing. You keep looking around for a sub-woofer but its no where to be found! Somehow the the acoustics amplify the bass so that it sounds like there is a sub woofer.

The highs are not quite as good but they are still adequate.

They also had some portable music systems that had a docking station for iPhones and iPods, so now when i head to the beach, i can take it with me. Its also nice when i am sitting outside at the pool i have all the songs in my iPhone, plus a remote control! pretty awesome.

What was also impressive was the noise cancelling headphones. I remember when they first came out years ago. They were not really all that effective. And they were not cheap! Also a bit bulky if I remember right…

Anyway the new ones, like Solitude, JVC and Bose were light years ahead in technology and sound quality. I dont fly that often but when i do i like to try and sleep, but thats all but impossible with all the engine noise but the new noise cancelling headphones are very impressive. I mean i can sleep to silence or some relaxing jazz music.

Since i stay in hotels a lot, they are particularly helpful there as its always noisy! I mean the kids, people partying etc.

Not too sound like an old man but i like to sleep! and these new headphones make that possible.

So learned a lot about all the new electronics, i provided some links so if you want to read the reviews, you can decide for yourself before you buy them.

On to my next adventure.


Farmers Market

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farmers market

Well its been a while since I posted. So easy to get lazy with the writing. After my model train show I had some trouble figuring out what to do next. A guy I ran into at the train show mentioned a “world famous” farmers market in Los Angeles and if you enjoy them, then you need to go check it out.

Since I really didn’t have any particular destination in mind I decided to visit, even though it was a bit of a drive. It took several days of non stop driving to get there. It was a pretty uneventful drive and no issues getting there.

Thank God for GPS navigation for if you have ever been to LA you know what I nightmare driving is there. Luckily I found it without too much trouble.

Bob, the guy i met at the train show sure was right, the farmers market was amazing! There was every type of food product there! It was truly incredible. Just a brief list of things:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Poultry
  • Meats and Sausage
  • Ice Cream
  • Bakery products
  • Seafood

And that is just a small sample of what is available. You could easily spend a few days wandering around having samples. I would make sure you go on an empty stomach so you can eat as much as you can.

Almost every popular restaurant was represented as well. Of course they all had free samples! The people manning the booths were extremely helpful and friendly and would answer all your questions. I was very interested in the puritan poultry exhibit. Being a person who loves chicken and eggs if was probably my favorite exhibit.

I have had some interest in raising backyard chickens I was interested in how he had started out and where he got the knowledge of chickens. He mentioned there are a lot of resources on the internet of course but the one he found pretty helpful for raising chickens was

There is a lot of good info regarding how to pick the right breed of chicken, how to build a chicken coop and how to raise them. There is a lot to know about chickens, more than I thought.

Well on to my next adventure.









A Model Train Show

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HO scale Locomotive

Most of us have probably played with model trains as a kid. If Not you missed out. They are a great hobby! I just arrived in Wheaton Il, for their monthly train show. Luckily I have no problems getting there from Vermont!

HO scale LocomotiveSo if have never been to a model train show, let me tell you it is out of this world. Its like entering a fantasy land, some of the model train layouts were stunning. They had entire setups devoted to old west, with toy horses, whole towns, old horse and coachs almost all detail that you could think of.

I saw another one that was a mock up of a European town in the swiss alps. This had mountains so real you would think you could climb them. There was tunnels thru the mountains, fields with toy cows grazing and complete towns that the train would go through.

There was a lively swap meet going on where people would buy and sell trains, a lot of bartering would also take place.You could find any size train that there was, Z Scale, N Scale, HO Scale and O Scale. There were trains for beginners and more advanced train sets as well.

If you were a kid, it would have been a blast. There was a complete Lego train set layout. Must have been N Scale Layoutthousands of pieces of Legos.

If you just wanted some advice on how to get started in model trains or had some more advanced questions on the latest digital control modules, you could get that too.

Many of the people there have been model train enthusiasts their whole lives and had a lot of useful information for the newbie.

I would never have thought of model trains as an investment but you would be surprised on what some of the old HO trains were worth. I am talking tens of thousands of dollars based on rarity and condition. SO as if you needed another reason to start setting up your model train, now you have it.

On to my next adventure….

– Kevin Johnson





My First Adventure – Tough Mudder

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Tough Mudder Obstacles - Funky Monkey

Well my trek to Vermont to see my first Tough Mudder was something of an adventure. Got on I95 heading North and of course everything that could go wrong did. My first problem was the engine in my Winnebago started overheating. Not Good. I pulled over the the side of the road and luckily someone pulled over the help.

They took me down to the nearest gas station and I was able to get a 5 gallon can of water. I was able to get a taxi to take me back to my Vermont Tough Muddervehicle and put in the water.

It must not have been anything major as I had no further problems on the way to Vermont. It was sure worth it. These people are crazy! Its hard to comprehend the things they had to do. Here is a list of the Tough Mudder Obstacles they had to overcome. Pretty Crazy.

They had to climb ropes, go thru fire, climb walls. They even had special gloves and shoes so they were able to complete the course.

Tough Mudder Workout PlanI did learn a lot about how to overcome your fears, work as a team and just plain have a good time! When they finished the race they all seemed so proud of themselves. For good reason, I know I would not be able to complete a Tough Mudder.

I think I am going to start training for a Tough Mudder later in the year. I have been working out a lot but I think I have  along way to go to be able to finish let alone compete!

One of the people I met, Jim, said that he found a pretty good workout program. Click Here to take a look. He said that it got him in great shape. I hope so, i am going to need all the help I can get!

Well onto my next adventure!