My First Adventure – Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder Obstacles - Funky Monkey

Well my trek to Vermont to see my first Tough Mudder was something of an adventure. Got on I95 heading North and of course everything that could go wrong did. My first problem was the engine in my Winnebago started overheating. Not Good. I pulled over the the side of the road and luckily someone pulled over the help.

They took me down to the nearest gas station and I was able to get a 5 gallon can of water. I was able to get a taxi to take me back to my Vermont Tough Muddervehicle and put in the water.

It must not have been anything major as I had no further problems on the way to Vermont. It was sure worth it. These people are crazy! Its hard to comprehend the things they had to do. Here is a list of the Tough Mudder Obstacles they had to overcome. Pretty Crazy.

They had to climb ropes, go thru fire, climb walls. They even had special gloves and shoes so they were able to complete the course.

Tough Mudder Workout PlanI did learn a lot about how to overcome your fears, work as a team and just plain have a good time! When they finished the race they all seemed so proud of themselves. For good reason, I know I would not be able to complete a Tough Mudder.

I think I am going to start training for a Tough Mudder later in the year. I have been working out a lot but I think I haveĀ  along way to go to be able to finish let alone compete!

One of the people I met, Jim, said that he found a pretty good workout program. Click Here to take a look. He said that it got him in great shape. I hope so, i am going to need all the help I can get!

Well onto my next adventure!



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