Top five Hiking Spots in Florida

Best Florida Hiking

Florida is known across the United States for its beautiful beaches in places like Miami and Destin. Others appreciate the many miles of marshlands in the luscious Florida Everglades, but few people consider Florida as a place to enjoy hiking. The best thing about hiking Florida is that the trails are usually pretty easy, suitable for both Men and Women. Just be sure to use the correct pair of hiking shoes.

Florida is home to thousands of acres that that host beautiful terrain for trail walking and hiking. Florida’s hiking adventures stretch form the Fort Walton Beach area in the pan-handle, all the way to the Orlando area and beyond. The wonderful thing about Florida is that you get to experience both the beach and the wilderness in the same day.


  1. Blackwater River State Forest

This voyage has some of the best views along the entire Florida hiking trail. The pinnacle view lies along Juniper Creek near the red clay buffs. The forest has over 600 acres of preserved communities of nature. If you love vegetation, this park is certainly the place for you. There are various species of unique plant life including multiple carnivorous plants and countless rare foliage. A trip to Black River State Forest is more than just a day of climbing.

This exhilarating Florida Park boasts a beautiful hiking trail following alongside the pure sand-bottom, Black Water River. Due to the impeccable water, the park is a frequent destination for swimmers, paddlers, kayakers, fishermen, and those pursuing other water sports. They have excellent camping sites so that your family can make a weekend adventure out of all the activities available at this incredible state park.

Blackwater River State Forest


  1. Santa Rosa Island Beach Hike

This is a “short and sweet” trail at just .81 miles. It is a perfect training trail for someone new to trail hiking or running. It would also be good for family, with young children, to do together. The trail follows along the scenic Gulf Islands National Seashore. Your trek will lead you through various ocean sites and finally to the boardwalk overlooking Florida’s famous white sand beaches and emerald green waters. A good day backpack is a good to have here.

Santa Rosa Island Beach Hike

  1. White Springs Area Trails

White Springs is an 8.5-mile challenging trail for advanced technical level hikers. This one or two-day hike follows along the Suwannee River. Those who want to stretch it into a two-day adventure typically set up camp on the gorgeous white sand beaches of the river. To extend your journey further, consider a day trip through the nearby water rapids. Make sure you are equipped with the proper skill level prior to attempting this trek. It is not safe for beginners.


White Springs Area Trails


  1. Torreya State Park

If you like a challenge, you can choose between one of Torreya State Park’s two difficult trails: the Torreya Challenge Loop (7-miles) or the Rock Creek Loop (6-miles). These trails are collectively known as “one of the most rugged trails in Florida”. Whichever loop you take, you will see a large variety of exotic vegetation and be able to look down 200 feet below at the Apalachicola River. This trail is perfect for experienced hikers.

  1. Oscala North

Oscala North is a section of a three part series in the 360,000-acre Ocala National Forest. Oscala North is a 35-mile section filled with plenteous wildlife including, tortoises, black bears, deer gophers, and scrub jays. The enchanting trail also encompasses rich vegetation including a sand scrub habitat. If you plan to hike to the full 35-miles, you can camp out in one of the many places along the trail. If you prefer to shorten your trip, there are small outlets to lead you off trail and back to your desired location.


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